Course overview

Unseen Beings: Dharma, Sowa Rigpa, and Ecology in the More-than-Human World

An eight part video course exploring interactions between ‘daemonology’ and ‘ecology’ in Buddhist and medical philosophies, and some methods for integrating more embodied and nuanced ecological awareness into our spiritual and healing practices.

Based in part on the relevant sections of ‘Unseen Beings: How We Forgot the World is More Than Human,’ the course deeply explores and expands upon the book, referencing and covering vast and diverse additional content and material.

What's included?

Eight 90-minute video lectures with Erik Jampa
(Recorded live on Zoom in October 2023)

Enrollment in this course grants you access for one year. Videos are view only and not downloadable. 
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Topics Covered

  • Buddhist approaches to the classification of sentient beings, especially in Indian and Tibetan traditions.
  • Methods of ritual engagement, and their various frameworks, in Tibetan traditions.
  • Plant sentience in Buddhism - traditional and modern approaches.
  • ‘Nature spirit’ (daemonological) paradigms and their importance to Buddhist eco-philosophies.
  • Unpacking the complexities of the concept of ‘nature,’ both in Buddhist and non-Buddhist contexts.
  • The profound influence of medical systems like Sowa Rigpa in seeking to understand and guide human relations with the more-than-human world.
  • ‘Provocation’ disorders in Tibetan Medicine, and what they can teach us about interactions between ecological and individual health.
  • Historical climatic changes in Tibet, and what they can teach us about ‘Buddhist’ approaches to climate crisis.
  • ‘Animism’ and Buddhism in Tibet.
  • What does ‘Buddhist’ climate action look like in the modern world?
  • How to establish a collaborative relationship with healing plants.
  • Practical ways to deepen our engagement with the more-than-human world in our spiritual practice.

Erik Jampa Andersson

Erik Jampa is the founder and director of Shrimala, is a London-based practitioner, teacher, and scholar of Tibetan Medicine (Sowa Rigpa) and Tibetan Buddhism. He is a graduate of the Shang Shung Institute School of Tibetan Medicine, and is currently completing an MA in History at Goldsmiths University. His first book, Unseen Beings: How we Forgot the World is More than Human, was released by Hay House publications in Spring 2023.