Sache: Tibetan Geomancy

Sa Che or Tibetan Geomancy is the analysis of the earth — including water, space, air, light, trees, garden and home. The principals of Sa Che are to bring harmony and equilibrium, both in the natural environment and within the being, affording good health, wealth and enjoyment. These benefits flow on to our relationships and lifestyle.

Tibetan Mantra Healing

Tibetan Mantra healing ༼སྔགས་བཅོས་རིག་པ། ngakchö rigpa), an ancient spiritual practice in which special sounds and words in Sanskrit and Tibetan are used to facilitate physical, energetic and mental transformation. Through the recitation, visualization and inscribing of mantra syllables, practitioners focus their concentration and relax their minds and bodies, entraining their voice, breath, and awareness to create subtle yet profound shifts in being.
Tibetan mantra healing has traditionally served as an important, supplementary branch of Sowa Rigpa (Traditional Tibetan medicine), which complement other forms of medical treatment.

Mantra Healing Level One
Mantra Healing Level Two

Tibetan Astrology

For thousands of years, astrology has been prized as an indispensable sister-science to traditional medicine, offering practitioners a valuable glimpse at underlying energetic and elemental forces that might otherwise be hidden from view. But despite its central role throughout much of our intellectual history, astrology has largely fallen out of favor in the west over the past few centuries, replaced by a range of new scientific, medical, and technological paradigms. While the use of astrology in modern holistic medicine has grown increasingly rare, a renaissance in astrological wisdom has begun to emerge worldwide, with many practitioners seeking to reunite these long-lost companion traditions.
Tibetan Medicine is one of the few traditional medical systems to still maintain a close connection between these two sciences, united under a cohesive cosmological framework established by Buddhist masters of the past. Medical universities like Men-Tsee-Khang, the “Medical and Astrological Institute” of H.H. The Dalai Lama, offer individual study tracks for doctors and astrologers, each consisting of five years of theoretical study followed by a year-long internship. However, all doctors are required to study the basics of astrological science, and all astrologers are required to undertake essential medical training.