Welcome to our new learning platform!

Sowa Rigpa Institute
Sowa Rigpa Institute is very happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for our Fall 2023 new programs on our new website!

With our new courses comes our new and improved learning platform, now accessible at www.sowarigpainstitute.org

SRI is currently offering three certificate programs (one non-professional and two professional trainings).

1. The Foundations of Sowa Rigpa: Self, Family & Community Care (1 Year | 100+ Hours | Open Enrollment)

2. Sowa Rigpa Practitioner (4 Years | 800+ Hours | By Application)

3. Sowa Rigpa Counselor (2 Years | 200+ Hours | By Application)

We are also happy to announce that starting in February 2024 we will be offering a new version of Yuthok's Heart Teachings, combining self-paced videos (taught by Dr. Nida in 2020) with weekly guided practices with Sowa Rigpa Institute teachers, and monthly teachings and QnA sessions with Dr. Nida. Stay tuned for announcements!

More information about our programs HERE

Foundations of Sowa Rigpa

The first year of our new programs will follow the new textbook, Foundations of Sowa Rigpa by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, available in September from Sky Press!