Course overview

SRI's Tibetan Language Courses: Program Overview

SRI is pleased to offer ongoing Tibetan language courses especially tailored to our students and sangha (but open to all!).  The teaching approach is to provide students with a well-rounded learning experience: not just to read texts and prayers in Classical  Tibetan but also to be able to speak, and to communicate with and learn from Tibetan speakers in the living language. After building a basic foundation, the teacher tailors further classwork and texts studied to the wishes and needs of the students.

Courses are designed to be attended live online, and meet once weekly in 12-week trimesters.  Each course section is limited to 5 students maximum to ensure an optimal learning experience. Tuition fees are $400 per trimester.

COURSE OF STUDY: SRI offers a full two years of consecutive study. New students can always begin in September, but our basic course 1.1 is also frequently offered in other trimesters as well. At minimum, the absolute beginner level 1.1 is always offered in September,  1.2 in January, and 1.3 in April. We also concurrently offer the 3-trimester second year courses, with levels  2.1, 2.2 and 2.3
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Key Features

  • 6 different levels of Tibetan Language classes
  • Tibetan Language courses are very interactive-participatory, and meet once a week live online.

Sowa Rigpa Institute presents three 12-week trimesters each year. 

SRI offers a full two years of consecutive study in Tibetan language

These courses are designed to be attended live online and NOT as self-paced video courses

At level 1.2 and above, students purchase an ebook text.

Adelaide Foster

Swiss-born Adelaide Foster lived, studied, worked and became ordained living with Tibetans in India for 13 years, studying Buddhist philosophy in Tibetan in a traditional setting; she has subsequently returned to Europe and studied linguistics and cognitive science. In addition to teaching, she has also translated, including teachings given by the Dalai Lama.