Mirror of Light: Rushen Retreat Livestream

  • Teacher: Lama Justin Von Bujdoss

  • June 2nd - 9th 2024

    Sunday June 2nd:
    9 - 11 and 12 - 2pm
    Monday June 3rd - Saturday June 8th:
    9 - 11am
    Sunday June 9th:
    9 - 11 and 12 - 2pm

    Los Angeles Time Zone

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  • Livestreamed from Pure Land Farms
All classes will be recorded and available for students to review for eighteen months. Videos are view only and not downloadable.
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Traditionally, practicing meditation in a retreat setting is an important way to deepen and stabilize our meditation experience. These in-person retreats serve as a way of supporting students in having the ability to delve more deeply into the practice of Ati Yoga at two crucial points - the first being the special Ati Yoga preliminary practice of rushen the other in helping to foster a solid ground in the experience of trekchö.

These retreats are supplements to the 2024 year-long intensive introduction of Dr. Nida Chenagtsang’s book, Mirror of Light: A Commentary on Yuthok’s Ati Yoga. Volume One focused on helping to foster a closer relationship to Ati Yoga practice as well as to aid in holding students so that they can carve away some useful time for retreat.


This Rushen retreat will focus on the practice known as the inner distinguishing practice or purifying of the six locations. This Dzogchen preliminary practice aides in the exhaustion of the inner causes of illusory perception thereby leading to greater purification of Body, Speech and Mind. This practice specifically helps us to eliminate the habitual attachments to what often feels like an almost automatic samsaric arising as beings trapped within the six realms. The practice of Rushen is a powerful way of creating the auspicious circumstances that aide in liberating the way in which the three gates (body, speech, and mind) and the three bodies (Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya) are experienced.

Lama Justin Von Bujdoss

Lama Justin von Bujdoss is an American Vajrayana Buddhist teacher, writer, and is the co-founder of Bhumisparsha, an experimental Buddhist sangha along with Lama Rod Owens. He is the author of "Modern Tantric Buddhism: Authenticity and Embodiment in Dharma Practice" published by North Atlantic Books, and contributor to "Buddhism and Whiteness: Critical Reflections" published by Lexington Books.From 2016 until December 2021, Justin served as the Executive Director of Chaplaincy and Staff Wellness for NYC Department of Correction where he also served as Staff Chaplain supervising over 30 chaplains and guided wellness programming for staff. Justin also has professional experience in home hospice and hospital settings as a pastoral caregiver.Justin was ordained as a repa, a lay tantric yogin in the tradition of Milarepa, by His Eminence Gyaltsab Rinpoche, one of the heart sons of His Holiness the 16th Karmapa. Lama Justin has presented on Buddhist practice at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, University of Chicago, Wellesley, and Columbia University, has been a visiting instructor at Union Theological Seminary, and teaches at Pure Land Farms. Justin is passionate about helping to create the conditions for authentic embodied tantric Buddhist spiritual practice in the West. www.justinvonbudjoss.com