Tibetan Nejang Yoga Teacher Training

Nejang (Tibetan གནས་སྦྱངས་) is a gentle healing yoga practice consisting of twenty four simple physical exercises which use breath work and self-massage to open the channels, balance the internal energies, relax the mind, and nourish the inner organs. With roots in the Kalachakra tradition, such exercises have been prescribed by Tibetan physicians for centuries to improve health and vitality and to support spiritual practice. For the first time ever in the English language, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, a traditional Tibetan physician and yogic practitioner offers an explanation of these Nejang exercises and their historical, cultural context for the benefit of people of all ages, physical conditions, spiritual backgrounds and levels of experience.

This 21-Week online training is designed to train Sowa Rigpa students and practitioners how to safely share the Nejang Yoga exercises in a one on one therapeutic context or to teach group classes, while supporting the practitioner to maintain health and balance with a daily healing yoga practice.

- Posture and Breathwork
- History and theory of Nejang yoga coming from 13th century Kalachakra master Buton Rinchen Drup
- Nejang Yoga pysical exercises for self and other
- Health indications of each exercise
- Modifications for all body types
- Practical teaching

$1000 or 5 monthly installments of $200
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Pre-requisites for this program:

100+ Hours of Sowa Rigpa Tibetan Medicine Training (New students can complete their 100 Sowa Rigpa training concurrently by enrolling in Foundations of Sowa Rigpa)

If you have fulfilled your Sowa Rigpa training at an institution other than the Sowa Rigpa Institute please email info@sowarigpainstitute.org to confirm your eligibility for participation in this course.

Certification by Sowa Rigpa Institute: 

A certificate from SRI demonstrates that you have completed the study, practice, supervision, and assessment that the Sowa Rigpa Institute as directed by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang deems sufficient to effectively teach Nejang Yoga. Participants are responsible for researching, understanding, and when necessary deferring to your local jurisdiction’s limits, if any, on the requirements for teaching yoga professionally in your country.

Yoga teachers that are certified by the Yoga Alliance will receive a certificate to submit to the Yoga Alliance for continuing eduction credits. 

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This course is entirely online and designed for our international community. If you would like to participate in the full one year training that includes Lujong and Tummo and requires partial attendance at Pure Land Farms, please APPLY HERE

- Livestreamed from Pure Land Farms with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

10am PST/ Los Angeles | 1pm New York | 7pm Rome
- Weekly 90-minute sessions consist of live a combination of live online Nejang Yoga sessions guided by Sowa Rigpa Institute faculty, practice videos, home exercises, special guest presenters, and opportunities for students to practice teaching student cohort

- Assessment of practical competency
- Multiple choice exam on Nejang theory
- Certification from Sowa Rigpa Institute

Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

Born in Amdo, in Northeastern Tibet, Dr. Nida began his early studies of Sowa Rigpa at the local Tibetan medical hospital. Later, he was awarded a scholarship to enter the Lhasa Mentseekhang or Tibetan Medical University, where he completed his degree in 1996, with practical training at the Tibetan Medicine hospitals in Lhasa and Lhoka.

Alongside his medical education, Dr. Nida trained in Vajrayana with teachers from every school of Tibetan Buddhism. In particular, he trained in the Longchen Nyingthig tradition of the Nyingma school with his root guru Ani Ngawang Gyaltsen and in the Dudjom Tersar tradition with Chönyi Rinpoche and Semo Dechen Yudrön. He received complete instruction in the Yuthok Nyingthig lineage, the unique spiritual tradition of Tibetan Medicine, from his teachers Khenpo Tsultrim Gyaltsen and Khenchen Troru Tsenam, and was requested to continue the Yuthok Nyingthig lineage by Jamyang Rinpoche of the Rebkong ngakpa and ngakma community.

A well-known poet in his youth, Dr. Nida later published many articles and books on Sowa Rigpa and the Yuthok Nyingthig tradition in Tibetan and English, which have been translated into several languages. He has extensively researched ancient Tibetan healing methods, and has gained acclaim in East and West for his revival of little-known Tibetan external therapies.