Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

The long awaited Foundations of Sowa Rigpa text book is now available! On the auspicious occasion of the Tibetan lunar new year Dr. Nida introduced this book and shared wisdom from Sowa Rigpa, the Tibetan science of health and happiness to guide us to start the new year with good habits for body, energy and mind. 

May the year of the Wood Dragon bring you healing, vitality, joy, and prosperity!

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About Foundations of Sowa Rigpa by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

An ancient lineage of healing that effectively addresses modern suffering, Sowa Rigpa—the traditional medical system of Tibet—offers a path to health and happiness through the cultivation of balance and harmony. Rooted in thousands of years of tradition yet a living and evolving practice, Sowa Rigpa recognizes that our natural state is a state of health. This healthy state is maintained through keeping our body, energy, and mind in dynamic yet stable equilibrium, in rhythm with the seasons and in harmonious interdependence with the world around us. As a holistic system of medicine, Sowa Rigpa uses sophisticated yet accessible diagnostic techniques and treatment methods—including diet and lifestyle modifications, herbal medications, manual therapies, and spiritual healing – to prevent and cure disease, extend longevity, and cultivate happiness.

For centuries, Sowa Rigpa has preserved its authentic teachings through unbroken lineage transmission. One of the most important textbooks of lineage-based Sowa Rigpa instructions is the Gyü Zhi or ‘Four Medical Tantras’, compiled by Yuthok Yönten Gönpo the Younger (1126-1202). In Foundations of Sowa Rigpa, experienced Tibetan physician and teacher Dr Nida Chenagtsang offers a comprehensive commentary on the first volume or Root Tantra of the Gyü Zhi which provides an essential distillation and roadmap of Sowa Rigpa theory and practice. With characteristic humor, clarity, and openness, and motivated by a deep love for medicine and his patients, Dr. Nida invites us on an inner journey, guiding us through the core principles of Sowa Rigpa and revealing how they can enrich our lives today.
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Available February 3rd in Print and special digital e-course formats!
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Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

Born in Amdo, Malho, in Northeastern Tibet, Dr. Nida began his early studies of Sowa Rigpa at the local Tibetan medical hospital. Later, he was awarded a scholarship to enter the Lhasa Mentsikhang or Tibetan Medical University, where he completed his degree in 1996, with practical training at the Tibetan Medicine hospitals in Lhasa and Lhoka.

Alongside his medical education, Dr. Nida trained in Vajrayana with teachers from every school of Tibetan Buddhism. In particular, he trained in the Longchen Nyingthig tradition of the Nyingma school with his root guru Ani Ngawang Gyaltsen and in the Dudjom Tersar tradition with Chönyi Rinpoche and Semo Dechen Yudrön. He received complete instruction in the Yuthok Nyingthig lineage, the unique spiritual tradition of Tibetan Medicine, from his teachers Khenpo Tsultrim Gyaltsen and Khenchen Troru Tsenam, and was requested to continue the Yuthok Nyingthig lineage by Jamyang Rinpoche of the Rebkong ngakpa and ngakma (i.e. non-monastic yogi and yogini) community.

A well-known poet in his youth, Dr. Nida later published many articles and books on Sowa Rigpa and the Yuthok Nyingthig tradition in Tibetan and English, which have been translated into several languages. He has extensively researched ancient Tibetan healing methods, and has gained acclaim in East and West for his revival of little-known Tibetan external therapies.

Dr. Nida is the Founder and Medical Director of the Sowa Rigpa Institute of Tibetan Medicine and of Sorig Khang International: Foundation for Traditional Tibetan Medicine. He is also the co-founder and principal teacher of Pure Land Farms center for Tibetan medicine, meditation, and rejuvenation in Los Angeles; and the co-founder of the International Ngakmang Institute, which was established to preserve and support the unique Rebkong non-monastic yogi and yogini culture in modern Tibetan society.

In addition to his work as a physician, Dr Nida trains students in Sowa Rigpa and the Yuthok Nyingthig tradition in over forty countries around the world.